At Warriewood SLSC we stand for surf and beach safety, community and a healthy, active lifestyle. We are a bunch of likeminded people who love Warriewood beach. We make this part of our lives because it feels good to contribute to the community by providing life saving services and a broad range of club activities for young and old.

We are passionate about our local people and environment and through leadership of healthy and sustainable living which culminates connectedness, fitness and fun, natural environment, and helping others.


We are a non for profit sporting organisation affiliated with SLSSNB, SLSNSW, SLSA and with a lifesaving services agreement with Northern Beached Council.

The club is governed through its Executive, Management and Junior committees and meet all its obligations under the NSW and Federal legislation as well as its commitment to its affiliation with Surf Life Saving Australia.


Warriewood SLSC was established in 1951 by 12 local guys including Jock MacKay. Jock has been a pivotal part of the club and remains involved to this day. Our current Founding Members and Life Members have recently been recognised in a new Honour Board now on display in the club house, presented at the 2019/2020 AGM.


W.Sattler N.Waugh R.Smith
J.Mackay E.Glennie O.Sattler
R.Young M.Muras M.Byron
G.Longley H.Donaldson A.Dunedan



Year First name
1951 *William (Pop) Sattler
1951 *Max Muras
Circa 1954 *Noel Waugh
Circa 1954 *Edward Glennie
Circa 1954 *Jack Smiles
1971 John (Jock) Mackay
1976 Barry Page
1984 Bob Fulton
1984 Gary Horne
1984 Wayne Horne
1994 Bruce Real
2001 Rick Harris
2001 Brian Kinsey
2004 Peter Burgmann
2004 Grahame Hamilton
2004 *June Mackay
2004 Leslie Randolph
2007 Lorelle Kinsey
2009 Robert J. Walsh
2012 Neil (Dolly) Dyer
2012 Matthew Sheridan
2014 Peter Byrne
2020 Robert Milliken


We have a proud history of lifesaving performing many rescues in our immediate coast line with its unique natural features that include the Warriewood blow hole, Turimetta and Mona Vale headlands and surrounding rock ledges.

Focussed on being fit and capable to meet our lifesaving commitment, our active members participate in the range of surf sports events, Warriewood being the first club on the Northern Beaches to hold a Master Carnival.