Congratulation to our SRC’s who all made it through the Assessment on Saturday.  You should all be very proud of yourselves  – we know Warriewood SLSC is !.

Warriewood’s SRC’s of 2019…….

Abel Brown, Arne Barwell, Bailey Canao, Brody Fitzgerald, Chris Sun, Connor McCann, Eugene  Lee, Hugo van Geest, Jackson Glass, Joshua Riddle, Kai Hampson, Kai Therkelsen, Louis Boas, Oliver Webber, Oscar Harvey, Sebastian Clark, Tai Roche, Theodore Froggat, Thomas Stephens, Toby Royle, Xavier Patch, Ryan Kovac, Alexander Raikuna, Alice Woodward, Amelia Thornthwaite, Annika Sharp, Ebbeny Henery, Daisy Butler, Eliza Hely, Erin Shanahan, Isabel Matosantos, Isabelle Davis, Lily Taylor, Lucy Garabedian, Marnie Hilton, Millie Duemmer, Olivia Byrne, Phoebe Larsen, Poppy Wilson & Emily Davis.

Some pics from the day…