Wazza Trivia & Sippers afternoon

SUNDAY 08th Aug @ 4.00pm
Register here now : https://forms.office.com/r/BhBezPixrB
Some great prizes on offer from Ecodownunder and some Warriewood Hoodies to win, bottles of Champagne.
Prizes in all 3 categories.
1. General Trivia to kick things off
2. Wazza SLSC Trivia
3. SLS TriviaA treasure hunt in between each one – be prepared !

A prize for the best dressed above the shoulders, so you are going to have to show your face to be in the winning for this one ! Can be a hat, a wig, makeup, I’m sure they’ll be some creations !

A couple of thinks you need to do !
1. The Trivia session will be run via Kahoot. Its suggested that you down load Kahoot from the App store on your phone.
2. Use your home computer, laptop or Ipad to dial in for the Zoom session. You can then engage with everyone on Zoom whilst answering the multiple choice question on your phone.
3. You can of course run a Zoom session and a Kahoot session from the one PC, laptop etc. You will just have to minimise both sessions so that both display on the same screen.
You can also access kahoot from a web browswer, just enter kahoot.it and enter the Game Pin Number which will be provided on the day.

At the beginning of the Trivia Session, you will be asked to enter the Game Pin Number which will be provided on the day.

Zoom Dial in details will be sent on registration at the above link.

WSLSC Events: events@warriewoodslsc.com.au