Proficiency Requirements

2015 bronze medallion proficiency details



Bronze/SRC Proficiencies will be broken into 2 sessions

DRY in the Clubhouse & WET will be done on individual patrols. Please check patrol page for upcoming proficiency dates.



All active patrolling members must undertake their bronze medallion proficiency prior to 24 December 2016, there are no normal exceptions.
This includes both the water and dry components.
The water component will be undertaken on your patrol in your patrols groups. Your patrol captain will let you know the date. If you can’t make it on your own patrol let your captain know and alternate times can be arranged.
The water assessment will include
• Run swim run – 200m / 200m / 200m in under 8mins
• Tube / board rescue
• Rescue scenario
There will be a number of sessions to undertake the “dry” component in the members area of the club house and will cover:
• CPR – individual – adult and baby
• Group scenario for CPR
• Oxy Vivi – use with CPR
• Defibrillator
• Signals
• Radio
ARTC Proficiencies


Thank you all for your commitment to warriewood surf life saving club.


Jen Spencer

Director of Rescue Services

Warriewood SLSC