Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club


Warriewood Beach is patrolled by volunteers on weekends and public holidays commencing late September to Anzac day in April.

There are 12 Patrol teams that are on duty for half a day approximately every three weeks.

If you are interested in becoming a lifesaver at Warriewood beach visit the membership section for the start of a fun and rewarding lifestyle.


PATROL LISTPatrol Teams 3 Jan 2018


Turn up to your patrol at least 15 minutes prior to start in full uniform and ensure you are signed on via the Patrol Ops App.

Check all gear is compliant including fist aid, defib, and oxy-via bottle

Each Patrol must have the following qualifications:

4 Proficient Bronze Medallion holders

1x Beach Management

1xIRB driver

1xIRB crew


1xSpinal Management

At the end of each patrol the IRB must be rescue ready with fuel bladder full (but not in the IRB)

Bronze / SRC Proficiencies

Broken into 2 Sessions. Dry and Wet

WET Assessment – Conducted by Patrol Captains 

1. Run Swim Run (timed)

200m Run / 200m Swim / 200m Run unaided in 8 minutes or less. (6 mins for SRC and shorted distance). Aquatic course must be around two swimming buoys

2. Rescue (1 of either Board or Tube)

Demonstrate a rescue, using either a rescue tube or a rescue board. The rescue must include the following:

  • Negotiating the surf zone
  • Securing the patient
  • Returning to shore with the patient
  • Calling for assistance

3. Scenario

Board or Tube rescue with spinal carry

  • Conscious patient becomes unconscious
  • Demonstrate CPR/Defib/Radio

4. Signals – review

  • Assistance required
  • Return to shore
  • Proceed further out to sea
  • Pick up patient to the left or right 5. IRB
  • Lifting/moving review
  • Lifting patient from IRB

Dry Assessment – will be conducted in the members area. 

Check website for dates.

Resuscitation (CPR) with oxygen and defibrillation 

1. A patient assessment on a live patient and demonstration of lateral position

2. DRSABCD, CPR 1 person (adult or child AND infant) on a manikin – to include resuscitation methods using a mask

3. Team CPR including DRSABCD, use of resuscitation mask with oxygen supplement and AED

4. Signals – Demonstration

5. Radio Theory is online however a practical demonstration is also necessary of a scenario involving equipment (without transmitting) including at least three of the following situations for each member: – Pre operation checks

  • Knowledge of local operating channels and uses
  • Interpatrol communications
  • Sign on/sign off
  • Rescue procedures and requests for assistance

6. First aid

  • updates/changes
  • review (in particular relevant to our beach)

SLS Portal & E-learning

Everyone is encouraged to familiarise themselves with the SLS Portal & the E-learning facility on Lifesaving Online, particularly signals, radios & resuscitation.

Lifesaving Online – www.lifesavingonline.com.au to view youtube tutorial please view here.

It is HIGHLY recommended that everyone check their SLS details in their individual portal profiles.

Here you can check all your contact details, awards, proficiency expiry dates, patrol hours etc.


Patrols Enquiries

Please submit your enquiry and we will be in touch shortly