Nippers Christmas Party – SRC (and parent) help needed. The nippers Christmas party will commence once Santa hits the beach at the conclusion of nippers this Sunday (19th) and we need some SRC’s to help out. Emma Gibson (Madi’s mum) will be co-ordinating the ‘kids retreat’ in the hall and needs some SRC’s to run the face painting, hair feathers, colouring in and cup-cake stall.

We also require donations of cup-cakes as well as help serving food. If you can help out by baking a dozen (or two) cupcakes and ice and decorate them then that would be appreciated (no nuts please). We also need a couple of parents to help over-see the serving of pulled pork rolls and desserts.

A sand sculpture competition will also be happening with some SRC’s needed to help run.

I have set-up a roster, please click on the link and enter your name to help out for an hour or two at whatever you would prefer.

Santa’s helpers need helpers, looking for one or two parents to help out in Prisca’s Kitchen and help support the Kids Retreat.

Please see Elise upstairs before Nippers.