Bronze  Proficiencies

Broken into 2 Sessions. Dry and Wet.

Please check back in August 2019 for Proficiency dates.

WET Assessment – Conducted by Patrol Captains

1. Run Swim Run (timed)

200m Run / 200m Swim / 200m Run unaided in 8 minutes or less. (6 mins for SRC and shorted distance). Aquatic course must be around two swimming buoys

2. Rescue (1 of either Board or Tube)

Demonstrate a rescue, using either a rescue tube or a rescue board. The rescue must include the following:

  • Negotiating the surf zone
  • Securing the patient
  • Returning to shore with the patient
  • Calling for assistance

3. Scenario

Board or Tube rescue with spinal carry

  • Conscious patient becomes unconscious
  • Demonstrate CPR/Defib/Radio

4. Signals – review

  • Assistance required
  • Return to shore
  • Proceed further out to sea
  • Pick up patient to the left or right 5. IRB
  • Lifting/moving review
  • Lifting patient from IRB

Dry Assessment – will be conducted in the members area.

Check website for dates.

Resuscitation (CPR) with oxygen and defibrillation 

1. A patient assessment on a live patient and demonstration of lateral position

2. DRSABCD, CPR 1 person (adult or child AND infant) on a manikin – to include resuscitation methods using a mask

3. Team CPR including DRSABCD, use of resuscitation mask with oxygen supplement and AED

4. Signals – Demonstration

5. Radio Theory is online however a practical demonstration is also necessary of a scenario involving equipment (without transmitting) including at least three of the following situations for each member: – Pre operation checks

  • Knowledge of local operating channels and uses
  • Interpatrol communications
  • Sign on/sign off
  • Rescue procedures and requests for assistance

6. First aid

  • updates/changes
  • review (in particular relevant to our beach)